Seth Van Wie

Although born, Seth Samuel Cronson, he will mostly be remembered as Seth Van Wie... the rockstar.

Seth is a friend from the "way back machine." Many years ago we connected as artist and friends. Our times together usually included one or all of the following: Music, art, God and other spiritual test or discussions, alcohol, women, and great laughter... in almost any order on any given night. Athough stuff in life kept us from spending a lot of time together in later years, time never weakened our affection and respect for eachother. Those days hold great memories for me... I am empty with saddness of him being gone.

Seth was courted by some big music labels, but he hated the corprate whores. He was insistant on creating his music and label his way. Besides being one of the best guitar players I have ever heard, he was ahead of his time with all aspects of music. The purist artist is what made him special, but it also held back opportunities for a larger audiance from knowing his awesome music. Many times I tried to get him to just go with it for now... make the money, get known, then have the clout to do it his own way. He usually responded with, "Why? ...I'm already doing it my way."

In life he was an funny, creative, passionate, crazy, loving, argrumentative prick... how could ya not love him. In death, I hope his music is heard by many. Those who do, will know just alittle of the greatness in the complex man, The Wiskey Prophet.

My friend Seth Van Wie, age 46, passed away after a long illness on Sunday, June 28, 2009. He was born on March 7, 1963, in Chicago, Ill., son of Robert G. Cronson and Terry Van Wie. Seth mostly will be remembered as a lifetime musician and poet. Some of his other contributions were being a co-developer of Willy St. Park in Madison. He was an excellent chef, and a pretty tough landscaper.

Seth, all of your fans, friends and family could probably have added enough to make a book here. Just know this: You have made impact on those you have known... you will continue to impact those who get to know you. Thank you for living the good life, and putting up the good fight. I wish it had lasted a little longer.

- Smooth